NST Network Manager
is a Network Management System to manage all the products of NST.
In particular, in the case of WLAN products, it provides convenience to operate the products for not only management of a basic AP, but also management of auto-configuration and mobile client information.
NMS System Information
NMS information and setting
- Up Time : Server driving time
- Program Version : Version information of the
using NMS
- Hardware utilization : CPU, Memory, Network,
- Date, Time
Network information and setting
- IP info : IP Address, Default Gateway, DNS, etc
- Client Service : NMS server control by remote
- SNMP Profile setting : SNMP version setting and
- Syslog Trap
- Log Forward
- NTP setting
System user information and setting
- Add, delete, amend the User : User registration
- NMS Client access info. : NMS Client information
check (IP, ID, Login/Logout time, etc.)
ACS (Auto Configuration Server)
It has a feature that automatically enter the set value for the respective devices to automatically recognize the device which has installed automatically after installing a large number of devices by the manager.

Device Registration (singular)
- Check out with the factory reset device IP value
- Update the set value of device after access with
basic IP value installed
- Check out with MAC value of device
- Update the set value of device after connecting
with IP of device MAC value installed
Device Registration (multiple)
- Check out Multiple device MAC point
- Automatically update the set value of the
equipment by matching the MAC value of
multiple equipment with IP
Device Registration / Access to NMS Map
Using the IP/SNMP, register the device on the NMS Map with discovery, which is automatically set device through the ACS

Device registration (singular)
- Device Registration with IP/SNMP value of the
- Registration to NMS Map checking with the
installed basic device IP value
Device registration (plural)
- Device registration with the IP / SNMP values
using the discovery function
- Registration all of Device in the same IP bands to
NMS Map using the discovery function
- Group Registration
Registration and management as per the Group
with the device that the manager wished out.
Possible to register as per Topology,
Area (sub-network)
Device remote access
- Remote access control function to the above
registered device (access to Web, Telnet menu)
Management of using network Performance

Performance Collector
- Collect 5/15min Performance Data Check each
Performance Data unit AP per use, Info.
per Client (Data Down/Up, Top AP/User sort)
- Store the Database with Row Data Performance
data storage per time to database
Performance Viewer
- Retrieve Performance Data AP per use,
Info per Client
Performance Data check up with GUI
(Bar/Plot Graph, Table)
Term : Day/Week/Month/Year
Fault Management
Alarm event when the network device has a problem

Alarm Management
- Realtime Alarm Monitor
- Show the Realtime Status
Alarm on NMS when the events occur
- Display the Alarms and Events on the Monitor
Popup when even occurs
- Generate the Audible Alarm and Event
Trap Management
- Trap Definition Management
(Trap add/ amend/delete)
- Trap Parsing Rule Management
(Trap analysis /definition /add/amend/delete)
- Trap Filtering Rule Management
(Trap Filter list definition /add/amend/delete)
- Reporting
(Convert Trap analysis result into Excel to report)
Wireless Access Point Registration Info.
Check out registration info. of AP Interface, Wireless
Interface Info. (WAN, LAN)
Check out the Interface Info. of using WAN
(IP, Subnet Mask, Gateway, Packets)
Check out the interface Info. of using LAN
(IP, Subnet Mask, Gateway, Packets)
Wireless Information
- 5GHz/2.4GHz Wireless Information
Check out the information of Mode, SSID,
Channel and Encryption of each frequency

Wireless Client Registration Info.
Check out the Client information that is accessing to AP
Client IP information
- Client IP information
Check out using Client IP, Packets consumption
Client Network Utilization Info.
- Check the network utilization as per certified user
Check MAC Address, SSID, Tx Packet, Rx Packet,
Tx Rate(Mbps)
AP Information Search
- Check the AP information around AP installation
- Check SSID, Channel, Encrypt, Signal strength
Wireless Access Point Managing Menu
Firmware update function, Configuration of setting back-up
Device configuration
(change set value of the device)

Firmware update function
(for single or whole device)

Config back-up/restore function
Config value back-up/restore of single or whole

Diagnostics Managing Menu
Installed Device condition check-up Client IP information
Trace Route
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