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CCTV Solution

With our reliable Industrial PoE switches,
you can design cost-effective and robust CCTV ring network

CCTV Solution

For a complete CCTV solution, we have L3 backbone switch as well as L2 PoE switches connect CCTV cameras. And to connect the CCTV in the lift, we have PoC converter as well. 

L3, L2 switches for CCTV solution provide VLAN, QoS, IGMP features and also equipped with various security features for secured CCTV network. Complying IEEE 802.3 af/at standard, we have series of L2 PoE switches for flexible network configuration and cost-effective installation.

Our durable PoC converter allows the best installation by combining PoC(Power over Coaxial) with PoE(Power over Ethernet) - no separate power cord required.

CCTV Network examples






CCTV Solution Product

CCTV Solution Product
PoE Switch
L3 Switch
PoC Converter